Forgotten Summer



While reading both Calvino and Barthes’ thoughts on photography, I began seeing photography as an intrusion.  I had always thought that photography captured moments to be remembered forever, but the more I read the more confused I became about my stance on photography.  Barthes writes that photography is not actually capturing a moment, but killing it.  A photo can never fully encompass any moment or personal identity and therefore photographs may actually hinder your memory of events or people. 


I had never really thought of photos this way before, but once I started to it reminded me of this summer.  It was my last summer with all my highschool friends before each of us headed in different direction toward our college of choice.  I felt as though I had so much fun and experienced so much during this summer, but when I started packing for college I realized I had almost no photographs, nothing to show for such a great summer.  This upset me as I thought, “Will i forget everything that has happened, will I even start to forget what my friends were like.”  Now I realize, however, that I was just being stupid and emotional and think that not having any photos may have actually helped my memory of the summer, just as Barthes states.  I know that all I have of the summer is my memories so I work harder to keep them, and knowing my memories are the only souvenirs I have of the summer almos makes them even more special.


3 Responses to “Forgotten Summer”

  1. Callie, I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you that it seems like if we don’t have pictures to view and remember the particulars by then we loose out. However, it must have been refreshing when you felt that without pictures, your memory of your summer was unique to you because there weren’t photographs to intrude upon your current memories. It’s best not to “kill” too many moments.

  2. Callie, I completely agree with the points that you brought up in your post. I too had a great summer with all of my friends but also had no pictures to remind me of the great times i had with them. Like you, I was upset that I didnt have any pictures to show for my great summer. However I wasn’t worried that I would forget the experiences I had over summer, I was just bummed that I didn’t have any pictures to reflect on becasue I felt that visual representation could stimulate more memories and emotions that I had of the summer. However the more I thought about it, i came to the same conclusion as you did. My memories of summer are all i have and that makes them more special to me.

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